2001-2003 Acura CL Factory Enhanced Amplifier

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The 2001-2003 Acura CL Signature Amplifier is the last fully-analog unit which is designed to run the ELS system well. However the design of the components suffers from cost-cutting measures by the manufacturer. It should be noted that the amplifiers are not interchangeable. It is important to verify your exact package for accurate fitment. 

The elite series features upgraded operational amplifiers from general purpose to an audiophile grade chipset from Burr Brown. This will raise the floor level and expand the sound stage giving you wider, deeper and more natural dynamic range.

Another important note is that the tweeters in the TL are driven by the amplifier, but they are sent a full-range signal. The factory tweeters house their own capacitors to filter which control the frequencies they reproduce. J. L. Kelley offers a tweeter upgrade which is optional. 

What you can expect:

Increased output. There is an average of 6-8wpc increase in power output. 

Your sound stage will be wider with an audible improvement in frequency range. You will notice warmer and more detailed midrange, more controlled and less "bright" high frequency range, and tighter, more authoritative bass.  

We ship INTERNATIONAL. With customers from Hong Kong to Australia we are able to service anywhere on the globe.  

With over 5000 satisfied customers, we can confidently offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our products, please let us know! We will work to take excellent care of you.  

A note on speakers:

The factory Acura soundstage and imaging as designed by Elliot Schneider is impeccable. The placement and angle of each component is designed to make the greatest auditory experience possible. And as much as the amplifier tuning improves the overall sound of the system, the speakers make an even greater advancement in the overall sound quality. Look up Phantom Audio Tweeters, Drivers, and Subwoofers to bring your listening experience to an entirely new level.