Honda Talon Door pods

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These door pods are a great solution to add sound to your Honda Talon. They fit in the opening of the inner door. 

Designed to house most 6.5" speakers with 3" or less Mount depth, these pods are sealed from the elements and are injection molded for strength and durability.

These pods will fit in the doors of the two seat models, as well as the front doors of the 4 seat models. The rear doors are a little smaller.

These are offered in three different packages:

Stage 1 - Pair of pods without speakers.

Stage 2 - Pair of pods with Hertz 100 watt LED speakers

Stage 3 - Pair of pods with Hertz speakers and Audio Control 4 channel amp, Bluetooth module and LED controller. Complete plug and play system with all weather proof connections for ease of use and reliability.